Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is WELCOA’s Top Active Companies?

The Top Active is a nation-wide 12-week corporate fitness competition that creates an infrastructure for more movement throughout the workday, and rewards the most active companies with national recognition. The Top Active does not only measure how active your organization is during a fitness challenge, but is the first national competition that actually sets up sustainable goals and habits that will help employees build more movement into their everyday life, and reward them—and you!—for doing it.

This competition is for you if:

- You are looking for national recognition for having an active workforce and a thriving health promotion program.

- You need an affordable turnkey solution for creating a supportive environment for physical activity.

Who will run the competition for my company?

The site coordinator for the Top Active competition should be an onsite health promotion coordinator/manager or a Human Resources coordinator or manager who has access to employee contact information and can serve as a source of information and motivation throughout the competition. The coordinator will also receive individual recognition when winners are announced.

When does the competition start?

You will have an opportunity to sign up your company and start promoting the competition using pre-designed materials beginning February. Be sure to give us your contact information so we can remind you when it is time to take the next step. The competition kicks off in Spring and runs for 12 weeks.

What do the winners receive?

WELCOA’s Top Active companies can reap big rewards not just for employees, but for employers as well.

Employer Benefits:

Employee Benefits:

Will I receive recognition as a coordinator?

Yes! Your photo and name will be posted on your public company page when winners are announced.

Do team members have to be from the same organization?

Yes, to earn the national WELCOA Top Active Company designation, team members must be from the same organization.

Is this just for very active people?

Absolutely not; this is for anyone. All you have to do is have a desire to move more and feel better.

How much time out of my day will this take?

America’s Top Active competition activities are, for the most part, designed to fit into employees’ existing routine; it may take an additional 10 minutes a day to participate in activities and a little extra time to track and report your activity. It’s really up to you and your team to decide how active you’d like to be throughout your day. Coordinators will need to allow extra time to promote and manage the competition.

How will the challenge be judged?

The competition will be judged based upon WELCOA’s Activity Formula (WAF) derived from competition data and final scores will be reviewed by a national panel of fitness and health promotion experts. Small <100 and large 100+ companies all have an opportunity to excel and win top rankings in WELCOA’s Top  Most Active Companies.

What kind of results can I expect in 12 weeks?

While we hope you are on your way to achieving your personal wellness goals, the goal of the program is not necessarily to lose weight, but to feel better and create an active lifestyle. Our goal for you is to teach you lasting lifestyle habits that if practiced will greatly improve the quality of your life in a sustainable way.

What happens after the 12 Week Challenge?

As a member of WELCOA’s Top Active Company Challenge, you and your organization are eligible to participate in ongoing trainings, educational programming, best practice briefings and fitness strategy forums to help you prepare to be “On The Move” for the next National Top Active Challenge.