Werner Electric

Werner Electric

Cottage Grove, MN

8th most active company

Team Info

  • Industry Other
  • Region Midwest/Plains
  • Team Coordinator { $coordinator->first_name }} Stacy Gunderson, Purchasing Coordinator

Team Standings

  • Team Members 109
  • Team Rank 8th
  • Participation Rate 92%


We finished 4 places higher than our first year (2016) Overall I think people liked the challenge, even if they were only doing a portion of the weekly points (some did just movement, some did just learn, assess, etc.). I really liked that towards the end it was about what brings you joy. It wasn't just about running, or a class, or lifting, but find that one thing that brings joy that keeps you moving. I don't think people always think of their 'why', or their joy, so that brought a unique challenge to many people.